Coconut Beach Resort

Koh Phayam has about 600 inhabitants - they are  fisher, farmer (cashewnuts & rubber) or working for the tourism.


There are three villages on the island

  • The Village near the pier: In the village you can find small shops, diving schools, restaurants, Internet Service, Travel Agents and bars. Their is no ATM on the island, but you can change money
  • The Morgan Village: The Village is located at the southern end of Aow Khao Kwai - on the other side of the river. It is a simple village with friendly people who working as farmer and fisher.


  • The Middle Village: The middle Village is not at real village - it is a restaurant and Karaoke Bar, which is located in the middle of the island.

The buddhist Temple is north from the pier. You will see the beautiful Lotus Flower at the temple pier at arrival. The temple is build near a hill with a large buddha statue.


When you walk the jungle near Aow Kwang peep you may be able to see a monkey family - or many eagles and the famous hornbill birds. Aow Kwang peep is also a very beautiful place for snorkeling.


Not to forget the 3.5 km long Beach at the Big Bay - Aow Yai.


Enjoy your stay on the island....